Science HW

Dear Learners,

Prepare for Test on Wednesday of Ch1.

Do the following questions in WB:

(i) Object Around Us(P-47 & 48)

(ii) Properties of material(P- 48): Section A

(iii) Very Short Answer Questions (P-55): Q 1,2, 4 and 5

Do in NB2:

(i) Vocabulary Task: Write the given key words 3 times in Notebook 2 using the rule: Look-Cover-Say-Check- Write.

Insoluble, Lustre, Material, Metals, Opaque, Rough, Translucent, Transparent

(ii)Short Answer Questions(P- 56): Q3 and 4.


Eid-Ul-Fitr Prelims Result

Dear Learners,

Here are the finalist for tomorrow’s final round.

Agni House

Mariya Shaikh VII-B

Swayam Marfatia VI-B

Bhumi House

Bilal VIII-A

Disha Murarka. IX-A

Dhatu House

Yugsinh Gharia VI-B

Alema Pothiawala X-A

Jalam House

Aditya Kumar VIII-B

Shubh Chandani VI-A

Jivam House

Malhar Chotaliya VI-B

Sumit Katoch VII-A

Vayu House

Param Kariya VI-A

Jay Gandhi. IX-B

All the Best