Dear Learners,

Please bring Geography Text Book and Note Book tomorrow to school.





Important Note

Dear learners,
Kindly note the below given details and come prepared with the necessary  things required.
TUESDAY the 25 Sept 2018  there are:
1. Painting Competition on Energy Conservation by BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency) Govt. Of India for ClassesVI-IX.
3. PCRA Quiz for classes VIII-X (Questions shall pertain to Fuel Conservation, Environment, General Studies etc.)
The topics for painting competition for Class VI will be:
1. Energy is life, Conserve it.
2. Saving Energy, a bright Idea.
3. Saving Energy for Sustainable life.
The topics for painting competition for Classes VII-IX will be:
1. Save Energy for others
2. Conserve Energy , Save Nation
3. Wind, Water, Sun Energy for long Run.
Students can choose any one of these topics.
You can use Pencil Colours or Crayons or Water Colours. 

Results for the Prelim Round of What’s the Apt Word Competition

Dear Learners,

Following students are selected for final round of What’s the Apt Word Competition:

Agni House : VI A Takshil Desai

VI B Ananya Tiwari

Bhumi House : VI A Janmey Parmar

VI B Ahana Gajiwala

Dhatu House : VI A Zareefah Noorani

VI B Yugsinh Gharia

Jalam House : VI A Vedant Soni

VI B Kesar Purohit

Jivam House: VI A Pratishtha Narula

VI B Malhar Chotaliya

Vayu House : VI A Harshita Verma

VI B Koustubh Kumar

Prepare well for tomorrow.

Good Luck!


English Teacher